Ask Questions

Recently a Brentwood area engineering company filed for bankruptcy after a variety of law suits.  The lawsuits are a result of shoddy work done by the company and some of that work was done on homes inspected by the company.  Apparently this company was doing home inspections in addition to engineering work, and was charging for work done as a result of their inspections.  In California, home inspection companies are not allowed to work on homes for a fee that they have inspected within twelve months of the home inspection.  This is also a violation of the code of conduct of all reputable home inspection groups including the one that certifies me, InterNACHI. 

Even if you use someone other than 1st Rate Home Inspections, ask questions.  Ask if they are insured.  Ask what you can expect from the inspection and what will be looked at.  California does not license home inspection companies so above all make sure that the home inspector is certified by a reputable company.  There are several reputable home inspection groups and you can easily access their web sites to verify certification.  

Most home inspectors work hard for you, share your concerns, and welcome all your questions.


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